Application for Scholarship Positions

Hey there!

I'm so glad you decided to apply for a scholarship position. It's a priority for me to make my workshops accessible to everyone, especially those who are super passionate about the Enneagram and may have some financial obstacles that keep them from being able to participate. If you aren't chosen for this round please apply again - I will have scholarship positions at all workshops and retreats in the future. 

I'm currently accepting applications for the advanced enneagram workshop scheduled for July 21st at Life in Deep Ellum in Dallas - attendance at the Introduction to the Enneagram workshop on July 1st is required (and included) and there is one scholarship position available for this round. This scholarship will be awarded to a person who clearly expresses an excitement and energy for learning more about the Enneagram. 

The deadline to apply is June 16th, I will announce the recipient June 22nd.

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