What is the Enneagram?

The Enneagram is a personality typing system that has its roots in wisdom traditions dating back to the desert fathers. This wisdom paired with modern psychology makes for an incredibly powerful and fluid system that provides an incredible amount of room for self-discovery and personal development. 

What makes it different from other personality typing systems?

Great question! There a few different answers to this question, but what I have found to be most true is that the Enneagram offers opportunities for personal growth in a way that I haven't found in other systems. While other personality tests will tell you about yourself, the Enneagram will show you the box that you're in and give you the tools to get out of the box and live a life full of freedom and Essence.

I've found my number, now what?

Well first, remember to be a nonjudgmental observer of your behavior, be curious and ask yourself why your reactions are what they are. Changing behavior is futile if we don't understand our deep and underllying motivations. 

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