Coaching is first and foremost a partnership. My goal in working with people, whether it's individuals or groups or couples, is for each person to realize their potential and break free of old patterns they've fallen into. It's for you to realize who you are at your Essence - the core of who are you underneath the layers of personality. Working with the Enneagram gives us a clear road map for getting there - it's your job to choose a starting point and set some goals along the way. It's my job to guide us there and ask important questions that will help you figure out what you need to do to reach those goals or break those barriers. 

All my coaching sessions are currently schedule online through Zoom.


A basic coaching session is 50 minutes long and what we talk about and work toward is set by you! I can teach you more about your number one on one - pick areas you want to know more about and we’ll go over them. Maybe there’s something you’ve become aware of in your personality structure that is affecting your life or your relationships and you feel stuck - this is a great area for us to work together.

If you don't know your Enneagram number we can also do a typing session. Before our session I'll send you some info to read over and during our session I'll ask you some clarifying questions and we'll work toward figuring out which type you identify with the most.

Remember that finding your number is a journey - I’m here to help guide you on that journey, but ultimately you are in charge of your own journey. I won’t tell you your Enneagram type, but I’ll help you find your way to it.


The Activate coaching series is specifically for you have learned your number and want to know what to do next. It's split up into four sessions where we go through the following information:  

  • Session One: Essence - we will start out by learning about who we are at our core - what's behind the layers of personality and defense mechanisms that keeps us from growing?

  • Session Two: Warning Signs // Wake Up Call // Red Flag Fear // Focus of Attention- Let's figure out how we know we’re moving away from our growth and into disintegration. This path is specific for each type and this session will empower you to participate in nonjudgemental observation of your behavior to notice when it may be time to ask for help or take a step back.

  • Session Three: Movement Points // Defense Mechanisms - Each number is connected to two other points on the Enneagram with a line. Typically this relationship is only taught as "stress and growth" points, but there are actually FOUR different movements - this is not taught often in the Enneagram world and we'll cover it in this session, along with the defense mechanism you're most likely to use in your life.

  • Session Four: The Cycle of Reactivity - We are all reactive - circumstances come along and trigger us into reacting a certain way instead of responding. In this session we will talk about what is most likely to cause you to be reactive based on your Enneagram number and then I'll teach you a technique to break the cycle of reactivity.

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