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Time is another currency. Like money, we all have a limited amount of it. The difference is, there’s no way to earn more time. We are each given the same number of hours a day, days a week, weeks in a month. I know that because time is valuable it can is hard to commit any of it to something unless it will make a difference.

This is one of the biggest reasons why I created the Enneagram Unfolding group coaching experience. I believe that if you give me two hours of your time each month I can change your life. I know that’s hyperbolic and we throw that term around so easily these days. “That burger will change your life!” “Reading that book changed my life!” “Learning about this or that changed my life!” But what I mean by that is that if you join me for the next twelve months I will challenge you and encourage you into the best version of yourself. I will coach you in the ways that you can let go of your protective personality a little bit at a time. You will learn more about your Enneagram number, but more importantly you will start doing the work to grow as a person using the Enneagram as a tool, not just a fun personality test to talk about around the dinner table. While the program is written as a 12 month program you can join at any time.

Here’s what you’ll get: 

  • Access to a private Facebook group - women only, moderated with compassion and understanding, and lots of Enneagram talk.

  • One 45-60 minute Zoom class at the beginning of the month. This will be where we learn more about our Enneagram numbers together, each month will be a different lesson and replay will remain available through the end of the month. We’ll follow up on the previous months challenge and I’ll issue the new monthly challenge.

  • One group coaching call per month via Zoom. This call will be one hour long in the middle of the month to follow up on goals, encourage each other and talk about how the challenge for the month is going so far. 

  • 50% off coaching sessions with me. That’s right, that isn’t a typo. You will receive HALF off coaching sessions if you need extra time with me to work through a challenge or anything that comes up in this process. This is also true for any workshops I teach throughout the year that are open to the public - 50% off. 

  • Community and accountability with like-minded people. Everyone will have access to share in the group and ask questions, and while I will a big part of the conversation I am so excited to see what YOU bring to the table, and what you learn from each other. The Enneagram is so helpful in that it opens up conversations that we wouldn’t otherwise have. I anticipate this growing to be the most amazing part of this group experience. 

  • Free access to a previously recorded Foundations course. 


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