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Activate: Enneagram 201 Online - Class One

This is a first in a series of 3 online classes being offered via Zoom. In this first class we will take time to get to know one another, and then go through the following information: 

  • Wings: We'll go into more detail on how the numbers to the right and left of your type can affect your dominate type and what features we can access from those types. 

  • Movement Points - We'll cover where you go in growth and health PLUS your security and missing piece - two very rarely taught pieces of Enneagram wisdom! 

REGISTER HERE -  (You must register for all 3 classes when registering for this one - attendance in all three classes in the series is required, playback available for one week after class if live attendance isn't possible - Wednesdays, October 10, 17 & 24)