Foundations: Enneagram 101

Learning your number is the first step to starting your journey of growth and transformation using the Enneagram as a tool for spiritual and personal development. This 2.5 hour pre-recorded course will give you:

  • A description of how the Enneagram system works - how you’re connected to four other numbers outside your own type and how the numbers are grouped together based on similarities.

  • A brief introduction to the Enneagram Centers - Heart, Gut and Head - and how they impact each number.

  • A brief introduction to Enneagram Stances - Withdrawn, Dependent & Aggressive

  • A detailed description of all 9 numbers

Upon purchase you will receive a PDF handout with the link to watch the video whenever is convenient for you - the link does not expire and can be watched more than once. Please note there are two options - one includes a 30 minutes follow up video or phone call afterward, one is strictly the video class and handout.

This video class is for personal use only and is not to be used in group settings or for multiple people. For information on hosting or attending live classes please contact me.