Hey There,

I’m Amanda!

Nice to meet you!

Sharing the Enneagram with women is a joy and a calling placed on my life. You may be here because you feel like you’re caught in a cycle that isn’t productive or helpful anymore. That’s where I was when I found the Enneagram. I knew my relationships were all struggling but couldn’t figure out why. I had been in therapy the better part of a year and worked through a lot of childhood trauma, but still felt there were areas I was stuck.

Reading about my Enneagram number helped me get out of that cycle. It brought awareness to my motivations, which helped me become more mindful of my behavior which eventually led to me being able to let go of some of those habits that were complicating my life. My relationships improved all around - I was able to parent better, be a better wife and a better friend, all while extending grace and compassion to myself and those around me.

When I work with clients my strengths lie in calling them out of their comfort zones and inviting them into a challenging but satisfying space where they can learn to recognize their voices again. I work exclusively with women and my teaching has a strong spiritual influence.

On a personal note, I’m a mom to two lovely little ladies and I’ve been married to my husband since 2005. We all live in Oak Cliff, an amazing neighborhood in Dallas, Texas. I’m a graduate student of social work with an emphasis in direct practice with children and families. My dream is to be a part of a holistic healing center where I get to focus my attention on helping families who are in transition. I’m passionate about reminding women who they are when it feels like they’ve been consumed with motherhood, because my friends I HAVE BEEN THERE! You’re not alone.