Some of the most transformational work happens when a group of friends or colleagues get together and make space for growth and self care. Hosting a workshop is as simple as providing a space to gather people and providing simple snacks - your living room is perfect, a conference room works for small teams and larger venues like church sanctuaries are perfect for the Foundations Workshop!   

Foundations Workshop

This workshop is 3 hours long and is great for learning your number, learning more ABOUT your number and learning about the system of the Enneagram. It covers: 

  • Centers and Stances
  • How the System Works (Wings & Lines)
  • All 9 Numbers in Depth
  • Personal Growth Recommendations for Each Number

Cost varies based on size of group - contact for more details.


Activate Workshop

Have you learned your Enneagram number and wondered what to do next? Me too! That’s what made me decide to go through certification to teach the Enneagram and coach people using it as a tool. I developed this workshop to include everything I have found to be most helpful in my personal Enneagram journey. You will leave knowing how to use the Enneagram for personal and spiritual growth, both by learning more about the system and learning practical tools to take with you.

This workshop covers: 

  • Essence - Let’s find out where we want to go before we learn what keeps us from getting there. 

  • Warning Signs, Wake Up Call & Red Flag Fear - How do we know we’re moving away from our growth and toward unhealthy behavior and tendencies? 

  • Focus of Attention

  • Movement Points (growth and health PLUS security and missing piece - two very rarely taught pieces of Enneagram wisdom!)

  • The Cycle of Reactivity - Meditation / Welcoming Prayer Practice

The Activate Workshop is perfect for small groups & teams and is limited to a maximum of 15 people. It is 5 hours long.