What People Are Saying After Attending an Enneagram Workshop

I attended the Foundations & Activate workshops. At Foundations I didn’t know my number yet but took lots of notes and let my awareness grow for the next couple months asking myself why do I do the things I do and why do I feel the ways I feel wanting to identify what my motivations were.

By the time I participated in Activate I knew my number and the information Amanda taught was so insightful. At times I would audibly respond to what she was saying about my type with a jaw drop or “oh shi*”. So much about me and my life made sense in ways I never considered before and it’s continued to since. Following the workshop I got in my car and felt incredibly, well, whole and grounded. Every mask was gone. Odd as it sounds to be learning about all the intricate pieces and missing pieces of who we are, but that was it. I was seen and known and could see and know and ACCEPT myself now so much more. I’m talking like the deep rooted stuff you don’t even discuss with your closest friends because it’s more subconscious than conscious and you can’t see it.

That wholeness gave me a mission and it was the first I ever remember sensing it. Spirit was saying “Go connect with yourself. You need to go connect with yourself. This is the most important thing for you to do and you need to do it right now”. That’s remained my guide since and I’m loving myself more every day and in turn more free and able to love those around me. I feel like this is just the beginning of how the Enneagram will inform and transform me and my relationships.
— Chelsea Criss

The weekend before moving to Montana, I went to Amanda’s Activate Workshop. I’ve been immersed in the Enneagram for about 9 months now, but during a big personal transition, I wanted to learn a bit more about how I handled stress and gain some insight and clarity into how I could better react to life’s challenges. The workshop was incredible, and the community was amazing (I met another 3 IRL!!) But I think the moment that hit me the most was during the meditation. Amanda had personalized meditations based on our numbers waiting for us and during a break in the content, we were instructed to meditate on our phrase for 7 minutes. I can’t tell you how incredible that short amount of time was for me. The whole workshop was amazing and I will definitely go back to another one!
— Kadie Smith

Generally, I am wary of online courses, especially with something so complicated as the wisdom of the Enneagram. Amanda’s online course exceeded my expectations: it was succinct and clear but opened my eyes to so many bits of knowledge I hadn’t known before. She skillfully teaches each number and weaves stories throughout to further illustrate each point. I am still digesting all the information I learned a week later, and I can see that her passion for teaching the Enneagram to others is more than that: it is a calling. Though I have read many books on the topic and have been studying the Enneagram for two years, I loved hearing Amanda’s perspective and teaching approach. Definitely attend a course if you are in Dallas, but if not, the online course is amazing as well!
— Stephanie Hall

I attended the Activate Workshop. I especially enjoy learning about triggers or “red flags” that my specific Enneagram number is prone to seeing in their day to day. Learning more about your triggers is the beginning of learning how to “catch yourself in the act” and bounce back from what might otherwise be a horrible decision or out-of-control moment. Learning more about my triggers has given me further insight into how I can be more present to myself and others, which is a huge deal for 9s.
— Gina Morreale

I wasn’t really sure about what I was getting into with the Foundations to Enneagram workshop with Amanda Steed. It all seemed like a play of numbers and traits with preliminary research online but when I completed the workshop, I found myself feeling very confident about moving forward with my choices in life and looking more deeply at my motivations and intentions. I’ve always been introspective but this workshop really took it to the next level by adding wings and layers to a person, rather than a static quiz that puts people in a box. Amanda really broke down the Enneagram and went deep enough to explain the intricacies of people’s personalities, including my own :) I think I’m a 9 with 1 wing, but I’m still thinking about it.
— José Carreon

Before attending the Foundations Workshop, I had read an Enneagram book and had already figured out my type, but I was anxious to learn more about the Enneagram and if it could mean more to me than other personality typing systems. It was so helpful in the workshop to hear from other people of my type (and other types). It was refreshing to hear about other type Nines that struggle with the same things that I do. Since attending the workshop I have made tangible changes to my life and don’t feel so much shame about my weaknesses. I highly recommend it to anyone.
— Erin O'Neill

Better than any quiz you can take online, Amanda’s Enneagram class will help you discover your number confidently.
— Kristi Soto

My husband and I attended the Foundations Workshop at Life in Deep Ellum, and we both really loved it. We had been introduced to the Enneagram system by listening to The Liturgists podcast, and we were definitely interested in learning more. We had kind of self-identified our number beforehand, but after hearing Amanda really explain each one more in-depth, it was clear which one we each are—I’m a Two. He’s a Seven. 

Yes, the workshop was interesting and fun, but more importantly, it provided us a new language to speak in. We understand each other—and even better, ourselves—more fully, and we can more easily identify when we’re acting out of a place of health or stress. Now instead of taking things personally or out of context, we’re able to see things with a new lens and increased grace. Turns out I love the Seven I married, and he loves his Two. We just have different motivations and view points. 

Thank you, Amanda, for guiding us along this path. We are enjoying the journey!
— Mallory Pyles

I’m the child of a psychologist who was scarred by excessive personality typing as a kid, which now manifests as an abiding suspicion of things that try to explain other things, clusters of four letters, and also river otters. I’ve always been less putoff by the Enneagram though, mostly because the people I knew who were into it were nicely non-dualist and not rigid at all. So I thought I’d give it a closer look with Amanda. She convinced me that it was easier 50% less bullshit than I thought it was, and that the part that wasn’t bullshit was actually very helpful and even gracious. Thanks, Amanda.
— Matt Bull

I attended the Foundations Workshop at Life in Deep Ellum in February and learned that I had completely mis-typed my husband (who I’d only be married to for 3 months at the time). Entering marriage and step-motherhood has provided, almost forced, the opportunity to learn more about myself and what motivates me. The Foundations Workshop was helpful in not only confirming my enneagram number, but learning what my husband’s was. It also revealed how understanding the Enneagram can support healthier relationships with family, friends, coworkers, etc. Thank you, Amanda, for simplifying, clarifying, and sharing the Enneagram as a helpful tool.
— Jessi Cole


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