What is the Enneagram?

The Enneagram is a personality typing system that is dynamic and non-static. There are 9 core types that are primarily defined by motivations, not behavior. Each type has access to 4 numbers that are different from their core type - this is what makes it non-static! 

The spiritual wisdom it's been developed with paired with modern psychology makes for a powerful and fluid system that provides an incredible amount of room for self-discovery and personal development. 

What makes it different from other personality typing systems?

Great question! There a few different answers to this question, but what I have found to be most true is that the Enneagram offers opportunities for personal growth in a way that I haven't found in other systems. While other personality tests will tell you about yourself, the Enneagram will show you the box that you're in and give you the tools to get out of the box and live a life full of freedom and Essence. The Enneagram is also all about motivation, not behavior. When we start looking at the root of our behavior it's amazing how clearly you can see yourself. 

Which test is the best?

This is by far the question I get asked the most, and my answer is that none of the tests are very accurate - they ask questions about your behavior, not your motivation, and a lot of times this leads to mistyping and confusion. If you insist on taking a test I would recommend the Essential Enneagram Test by David Daniels - just google it and you'll find a couple of different versions. Just remember to keep your top 2-3 numbers in mind for a week or two after the test and be curious about why  you're doing what you're doing. Also remember that the number that makes most uncomfortable or, for lack of a better way of putting this, grossed out, is probably your number. If you're still stuck let's do a typing session together and sort out your confusion!

I've found my number, now what?

Well first, remember to be a nonjudgmental observer of your behavior, be curious and ask yourself why your reactions are what they are. Changing behavior is futile if we don't understand our deep and underlying motivations. 

Practically speaking - come to a Foundations workshop to learn more about your number, to an Activate workshop to dive deep into how to apply the Enneagram or set up some coaching sessions with me to work toward specific goals!