Enneagram Workshops

Any of the courses and workshops below can be combined to create longer workshops. Pricing varies based on group size and time - please submit a request on the contact form and I will return your email in 24-36 hours.

Foundations Course: Enneagram 101 - 2 hours, covers all 9 numbers and introduces you to the Enneagram system.

Foundations Course: Enneagram 102 - 2 hours, goes in depth with the system of the Enneagram including wings, the lines connecting the numbers and personal growth recommendations for each number.

Activate: Enneagram 201 - 2 hours, goes through the Essence of each number and Warning Signs that you’re moving away from healthy behavior.

Activate: Enneagram 202 - 2 hours, goes through the Focus of Attention for each number, breaking the Cycle of Reactivity and Defense Mechanisms.

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