Hey there! I’m Amanda Steed

I live in Dallas, Texas with my two kiddos - Savannah who is 5 and Genevieve who is 2.5 - and my husband, Kyle. Sharing the Enneagram is a joy and a calling placed on my life. I'm an Enneagram Eight and I’m really good at pushing people out of their comfort zones toward their best selves. I’m the person you come to when you feel stuck, like you’re caught in a cycle that isn’t productive or helpful anymore.

That’s where I was when I found the Enneagram. I knew my relationships were all struggling but couldn’t figure out why. I had been in therapy the better part of a year and worked through a lot of childhood trauma, but still felt there were areas I was stuck. Reading about my Enneagram number helped me get out of that cycle. It brought awareness to my motivations, which helped me become more mindful of my behavior which eventually led to me being able to let go of some of those habits that were complicating my life. My relationships improved all around - I was able to parent better, be a better wife and a better friend. All while extending grace and compassion to myself and those around me.

There are a lot of Enneagram coaches, so why choose me?

Anyone can teach you about the Enneagram - you can even do your own (free) research online. My goal in teaching and coaching with the Enneagram is to show you how to use it as a powerful tool for personal and spiritual growth and to help you create the space to explore why you do what you do. In addition to learning information, a good chunk of time with me will be spent reflecting, writing, meditating and talking through the information you’re learning. 

For 2019 I am focusing most of my attention on Enneagram Unfolding, an online group coaching experience that includes Enneagram teaching through several subjects, and a group effort to apply the info to our lives. For more info check out the link above! I will also be teaching workshops throughout the year as requested. If you’d like to have me come teach to a group let’s talk!

If you have any specific questions, please feel free to shoot me a message through the contact form here, and to keep up with where I’ll be teaching and what I have going on make sure you sign up for my newsletter!